New Beginnings...

New Beginnings...

Art: "Healing" by Autumn Skye Morrison

December 29, 2012

We are excited to share the launch of the Namaste Foundation!

The Namaste Foundation is designed to provide financial grants and other assistance to high-impact entrepreneurs and their nonprofit organizations.  

Andrew Cope, Senior Development Officer for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, displays the initial grant for Namaste Foundation.

Andrew Cope, Senior Development Officer for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, displays the initial grant for Namaste Foundation.

The Namaste Foundation is organized in partnership with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a comprehensive center of philanthropy that helps donors strengthen the common good locally and throughout the world. 

We have given the foundation an initial grant of $4 million. These financial resources have been enabled by Inflection and the effective work of its incredible team. Hamza Hamza is joining as Program Director to help us manage the fund’s donations and operations.

Convergence of Global Challenges

We live in a truly momentous time. The world faces many grave challenges: depleting natural resources, unsustainable debt, war, energy shortages, vast inequalities, and more. 

While many of these issues have long afflicted humankind, the nature of our interconnected systems and rising population has increased the stakes like never before. And many of these crises are at tipping points, converging all at once. We must act now. 

A Shift is Happening

Fortunately, everywhere you look, people are rising to the occasion. The enormity of the issues is giving way to unbridled energy. Accelerating problems are being countered with accelerating solutions. Fuller human potential is being unleashed. People are “waking up.” 

Within philanthropy, the world’s wealthiest individuals are giving more than ever. They are creating new models, innovating nonprofit structures, and leveraging business success to increase their impact.

The younger generation of entrepreneurs and leaders are also setting a tremendous example. They’re deciding to compound good over dollars. They’re choosing courage over convention. They’re even evolving the fundamental concepts of money itself.

Like many, we’ve been energized by these selfless acts and inspiring visions of the future. With the Namaste Foundation, we’ll seek to contribute to this dynamic ecosystem of philanthropy and its advancements.

Our basic aim is to support people who are trying to make a positive difference in the world – whether you identify as a social entrepreneur, artist, activist, philanthropist, engineer, teacher, parent, author, or simply concerned global citizen. What’s important to us is that you’re solution-oriented and committed to impact.

We’re especially keen on getting involved with causes where we can add value beyond capital through advice, skills, and facilitating alignment with other initiatives. Our financial resources are still small in comparison to our ambition, and we humbly hope this is just the beginning of how we can help.

When translated literally, Namaste means, “I bow to you”. It’s a recognition of unity and the divine spark within us all. The Namaste Foundation is an expression of gratitude for the noble work so many individuals and groups are doing on this planet.

We were introduced to the word “Namaste” in yoga, where’s it’s commonly said at the end of a practice. Those final moments after an amazing yoga session have been among the most peaceful and invigorating of our lives, so the name carries special meaning to us in that respect as well.

We’ll be using this blog as a platform for sharing inspiring stories we encounter, observations of the nonprofit sector, and information about organizations we support. 

We invite you to join us in this conversation and work. To apply for a grant, or get involved with the Namaste Foundation in other ways, please contact us

Happy New Year! 

Matthew and Brian Monahan

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