Collaborative Decision-Making with Loomio

Collaborative Decision-Making with Loomio

September 13, 2014

The Internet has transformed the way we access information, manage projects, and communicate. But how can we bring these tools together to collectively make better decisions?

Enter Loomio. Loomio is an open-source platform for direct democracy and collaborative decision-making. Loomio seeks to give everyone a voice in the decisions that affect them, whether it’s in the context of a community, business, city council, co-op, family, or any group of people. Loomio is free, easy-to-use, and available in over 25 languages.

We believe that Loomio, and other tools like it, can positively transform our world by facilitating:

  • More equality - Loomio puts decision-making into the hands of the people, recognizing the unique value and importance of every perspective.
  • More engagement - This isn’t about voting for politicians or answering surveys. This is about directly influencing decisions through meaningful discussions and real-time feedback.
  • More empathy - Transparent and open communication naturally leads to greater empathy and trust. 

Here is a quick video that shows how Loomio works:

The team at Loomio is courageous, playful, and modest. Their co-founder, Ben Knight, exemplifies the group's passion with a kind-hearted smile and genuine thoughtfulness. Loomio operates as an employee-owned cooperative, embodying the community values it seeks to spread in the world. 

Recently Loomio ran a global crowd-funding campaign to bring the product from its beta version to Loomio 1.0. The campaign raised $126,025 from 1,642 contributors, demonstrating a groundswell of support for the cause. We're proud to add our backing with an Impact Gift from the Namaste Foundation. These funds will specifically go towards community education and increased accessibility.

The Loomio project is part of Enspiral, a social enterprise network based in Wellington, New Zealand. A lot of Loomio’s unique culture and focus on global change relates to these roots. We’ll post more about Enspiral in the future.

Here are a couple great talks by Ben Knight, co-founder of Loomio:

And here’s the incredible poet Ali Jacs with some slam democracy, Loomio-inspired:

“As an almost totally volunteer-driven organisation, our capacity is built on a sense of ownership among our membership. Loomio is fast and flexible, so we can give more volunteers a stake, and make better informed decisions.” – Jimmy Green, Events Director, GenerationZero
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