Preparing for the COP21 Paris Climate Summit

Preparing for the COP21 Paris Climate Summit

November 19, 2015

All eyes are on Paris - just in time for COP21, the United Nations Climate Conference. The highly anticipated event aims to achieve a legally-binding agreement and global response to climate change, as we perilously cross Earth’s planetary boundaries

High-profile leaders such as Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein, and Noam Chomsky have called for a “great historical shift” and mass mobilization on the scale of slavery abolition and anti-apartheid movements.

In light of the recent violence in Paris, the conference has taken on a deeper meaning:

“The upcoming Paris Climate Summit is, in a sense, a peace summit -- perhaps the most important peace summit that has ever been held.” - Nicolas Haeringer,

Here are three nonprofit projects the Namaste Foundation is giving support to:

POC21 Innovation Camp - “Proof of concept” solutions to bring the open source and environmental movements together…

This international community of 100+ self-proclaimed designers, geeks, eco-hackers and mentors has developed 12 sustainable lifestyle technologies, such as self-filtering showers, portable solar power systems, micro-agriculture tools and wind turbines.

From “protest to prototypes”, the POC21 group is demonstrating how open source, sustainable solutions already exist and can be used for environmental regeneration. After a 5-week intensive in France, the community is continuing its work through Patreon and using Cobudget to collaboratively allocate funds.

Pachamama Alliance - Organizing a delegation of indigenous environmental leaders to attend the Paris Climate Summit… 

In collaboration with the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Pachamama Alliance is helping to enable seven indigenous leaders such as Patricia Gualinga to attend the Paris Climate talks. 

Patricia Gualinga was instrumental in the landmark case Sarayaku v. Ecuador and has become an internationally-recognized voice for the rights of nature and protection of the Amazon Rainforest. 15-year old Ta'Kaiya Sierra Elizabeth Blaney will also be present in the delegation, representing the youth. 

As governments weigh the short-term political and economic effects of climate action, the indigenous principles of multi-generational stewardship and “all my relations” are of utmost significance.

Women Rise - Human Aerial Art and a creative call to action for 100% renewable energy...

Dancing Without Borders and Spectral Q are joining together to bring attention to the disproportionate effect of climate change on women, and to co-create a momentary human sculpture in Paris for the world to see.

Indigenous elders and earth guardian youth create ‘Rios Para A Vida’ (Rivers for Life) during Earth Summit in Rio 2012. 

Indigenous elders and earth guardian youth create ‘Rios Para A Vida’ (Rivers for Life) during Earth Summit in Rio 2012. 

Here’s how Dancing Without Borders describes its mission:

“Dancing Without Borders envisions, designs and catalyzes transformational experiences in partnership with communities around the world, helping humanity wake up to its full potential. Through collaboration with artists, businesses, non-profits, local organizers and citizens we offer body-centered leadership trainings, workshops and large scale public experiences that transform perspectives and liberate the human spirit. Those intimate collective experiences are meant to open direct authentic dialogues towards our collective renewal helping us all meet the complexities of this time.” - Dancing Without Borders

How You Can Help

You can express your solidarity with this interconnected movement by joining the Global Climate March in your city, by supporting these exceptional nonprofits and others, and by raising awareness about the Paris Climate Summit on social media. 

“Reducing our carbon footprint is not just a scientific necessity; it has also emerged as the human rights challenge of our time ... history proves that when human beings walk together in pursuit of a righteous cause, nothing can resist.” - Desmond Tutu

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